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Based more on the comic book series rather than the Conan movies, these figures are similar to the other 5 1/2" Remco lines that were meant to be compatible with the Masters of the Universe series.  Drawn pictures of The War Dragon and War Stallion are on the figure's cardback though no known samples exist to prove they were actually produced. The War Dragon picture looks to be based off The Crystal Dragon from Remco's Crystar line and the War Stallion looks to be based off The Warteam from The Lost World of the Warlord line.

Foreign releases include the Combat Chariot and Monster which was released in a window-box package and included a Mikola figure from the Lost World of the Warlord line. A similar Monster was also released individually in a baggie. These were produced in France by a company called Delavennat.

SERIES 1 1984
Conan by Remco
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