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Based on the DC comic series by Mike Grell, the figures are 5 1/2" tall and were made to play with Masters of the Universe figure line. Most of the figures were characters from the Warlord comic book, though Arak and Hercules were from other DC comics. The Lost World of the Warlord figures were originally advertised alongside The Warrior Beasts figures on cardbacks, though the two are considered as being separate figure lines. Arak was produced in two versions, one with a brown loincloth having white and brown painted bracelets, the other had a brown vest and yellow painted bracelets. Two variants of Mikola include a figure with brown hair and the other with black hair and a white stripe down the middle. Hercules was also released in limited quantities on a cardback dubbed "Clone Smasher" which was given out at a party by the computer chip developer named Hercules Computer Technology

The Mighty Stallion  was originally advertised on cardbacks as being sold separately, though was actually released as The Warteam, each packaged with an action figure. These figures were basically the same as the main characters from the line, but sported different weapons & accessories. The Warteam figure version of Mikola was originally named Warman and the Mighty Stallion came in black, brown and white. The Warpult was also released in two different color variations and also included a standup cardboard backdrop. The Journey Through Time playset is the hardest to find from the line which included a catapult, weapons and many other different accessories.

SERIES 1 1982
Lost World of the Warlord by Remco
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