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The Warrior Beasts are usually considered the villains for the Lost World of the Warlord line, which was based on the DC comic series by Mike Grell. They were originally advertised alongside The Lost World of the Warlord figures on cardbacks, though the two are considered as being separate figure lines. Skullman was produced in two versions, the first was dubbed Skullface with a head sculpt strikingly similar to the Masters of the Universe Skeletor figure. Skullman was later changed to have a much larger skull without a hood, more than likely for legal reasons. Their are also two versions of Gecko, the purple version as well as the the green and yellow version. Their are also many small variants to the figures in this line, which Remco was well known for. The most prominent would be the different style belts on some figures and different style capes on Skullman.

The Fire Dragon and Ramar, Beast Team was also released in two versions. The first was the lighter orange colored version with the neck armour on the Fire Dragon. This was the version depicted on cardbacks as well as on the Beast Team packaging. The second was the red version in which the Fire Dragon had no neck armour. Guana was advertised on later cardbacks as a Beast Team with the Fire Dragon, but it is unknown if any of these were ever produced. The Beast Team packaging also included a standup cardboard backdrop inside the box.

SERIES 1 1982
The Warrior Beasts by Remco
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