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Eons ago, when life began on earth, many insects came to the surface. But more remained deep beneath the earth, to build a world of their own: Insecta... the insect world. During the centuries that followed, 5 tribes emerged: The largest, the Spidermen, was led by Webspinner IV, who ruled Insecta until 25 years ago, when a revolt took place. This revolt was led by a coalition of Elephas (of the Stag Beetles), King Stinga (of the Killer Bees), Lord Grassa (of the Grasshoppermen), and Carnivora (of the Tiger Beetles). Insecta was divided into 5 separate nations.

The Bugmen of Insecta figures are 4" in height and each figure was packaged with a specific insect companion. The Bugmen's weapons, as well as King Stinga's wings, came packaged in three different color variations, red, green or black. The two vehicles are the hardest to find from the line, and were based on the Dragonriders of the Styx Skull Sled and Demon Flyer.

SERIES 1 1983
Bugmen of Insecta by DFC
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